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The GOP held one of their many Presidential Debates in Las Vegas, Nevada on last night. One word describes it, Wow! After watching the back and forward antagonistic responses that were given by the candidates towards each other, it made you wonder, can any of them actually be on the same team and truly support the ultimate GOP nominee?

The debate tackled issues from Mr. Cain‘s 9-9-9 plan, to border control, to foreign aid and it appeared without question that all of the candidates held a very different view on how they would handle most of the issues. The only thing that I gathered that they all have in common and agree on is a desire to defeat President Obama.

Although this task will be much more difficult to accomplish than said given President Obama is the incumbent and he has already raised more money to run his campaign for re-election then all of the other candidates combined, I’ve got the feeling that whomever the GOP nominee is, it’s going to get very ugly.

The outcome for the 2012 Presidential election has many more months to shape itself so an attempt to predict the outcome of it today would be like deciding what you’ll be wearing to work 13 months from now, it’s a wild card.