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The United States has become the international police to the world. As a country, we have taken interest in the affairs of many foreign nations to include their politics, finances and the very essence of their democracy and basic freedoms for their citizens. Our views as a country has caused us to view other nations through the lenses of our founding forefathers.

Many nations are very receptive to US involvement and welcomes the support and infrastructure that we offer as a country. Our involvement from a humanitarian perspective has assisted the US in creating international alliances around the globe with countries that will forever be loyalist to the basic foundation and principles that we embrace. However, there are those countries that have come to hate and despise the US for putting our noses into their business.

We are taught that there are pros and cons in every aspect of life. Our job is to gauge them and determine what will yield the greatest long-term benefit. Sometimes doing the right thing can be perceived as the wrong thing regardless of its intended purpose. Freedoms come with a price and we must be prepared to pay for them with the same intensity in which they are enjoyed.