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Families across America are struggling today more than ever before. The current economics in the country have crippled the middle and low-income households. This political season will focus on this issue and each politician will argue their viewpoint on how to stimulate the economy and get Americans back to work. From Herman Cain‘s 9-9-9 plan, to Mitt Romney‘s 59 point plan and just announced today, Rick Perry‘s cut, balance and grow plan. Although I’m sure that each of these proposed plans will offer some sort of benefit, they do not address the issues that American families are facing today.

For the families that have already lost their jobs and homes, these debates by the politicians are fruitless and nothing more than political noise. Way too much time has been spent on whose fault it is and not on correcting the problems. The focus right now should be on taking action to stabilize the economy and ensure that Americans can feed their families and pay their bills. The truth of the matter is, the more jobs that are created, the less depended a family has to become on government programs.

While members of congress continue to receive their paychecks and all of their benefits, Americans continue to suffer. If members of congress were told that they would not receive their paychecks until there’s a bipartisan plan of action in place to address this issue, I am certain that the job would get done and fast.

The Occupy Wall Street movement has received the growth and attention that it has over the past month because Americans need results. I do believe that this movement is useful and good intended however, I would personally like to see the movement focused more on the political machine in Washington and force them to take action immediately so Americans can get back to working which will in and of itself, stimulate our economy.