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Today, President Obama will sign three executive actions that focuses on helping veterans that are unemployed obtain jobs in the private-sector. This is one of the President’s many executive actions that he’s taken without the use of Congress in an attempt to create economic growth.

The president will announce three new programs along side members of the veterans associations in the Rose Garden later today according to the White House. The White also says that the new programs will reduce the time that it takes for a veteran to find a job. These new steps taken by the president fall under the umbrella of his new slogan “We Can’t Wait”. The “We Can’t Wait” initiative is the president’s latest message to Congress that I will work with you but I don’t have too to get some things done.

One of the new programs that will be unveiled is called a Veteran Gold Card. The VGC will provide post-9/11 service members an online job search tool, six months of personal career support, and an online job bank tailored specifically for veterans.

These new programs will be funded with funds that have already been appropriated to the Department of Labor according to the Withe House.

It is certainly unclear whether or not these efforts will actually make a difference for veterans or not or if it’s a little too late for the president to take these kinds of actions that excludes a vote from Congress. It has however, become increasingly clear that no actions will be taken by the Congress to get anything substantive done with the majority Republican House and majority Democratic Senate currently in place.