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The definition of “Super-Human is a human with extraordinary and unusual capabilities and strength enabling them to perform feats well beyond anything that an ordinary person could conceivably achieve, even through long-time training and development.” We all possess the traits and abilities of the Super-Human, the key is learning how to access it. How many times have you had an idea that you thought would revolutionize the world? How many times have you had a dream that made you feel like you could conquer the universe? These are moments of experiencing the “Super” within you. When Super truly meets Human, the experience is life changing.

We have all witnessed it from the creation of the cell phone to flights that men have taken beyond our earths atmosphere. There have been some with blindness that have developed sensory substitution and become extremely adept at hearing and auditory processing. There is a young man by the name of Rudiger Gamm, born in Germany in 1971, that has been noted to be a mental calculator. By the age of 21 he attained the ability to mentally evaluate and calculate very complex mathematics in his head, usually through memorization. He also learned to speak backwards and calculate calendars to the day. These experiences indeed qualify to fit within the scope of the Super-Human. Scientists are discovering that a few of us are capable of far more amazing feats — some of which can be seen as more superhero like than human. Although most of these super abilities are generally genetic in nature, they are however a part of the human DNA.

You to have also experienced these powers when you made the decision to create and jump into entrepreneurship. The creative energy that’s needed to put this into motion requires a reach into your super-self, your Super-Human. The entrepreneur is one that undertakes an enterprise created from only a thought and made into something that lives and breathes his true essence. It is your creative self manifested to the world. It is your Super-Human! The Super-Human is seen in many different forms. We all have it within us. Have you tapped into yours lately?