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Love this! As Jung says, “Everything that irritates us about others can lead us to an understanding of ourselves.” Self awareness is then a journey; not a destination. Thanks for sharing! ~PrestonByrd of http://www.prestonbyrd.wordpress.com

The Search For Enlightenment

Emerging BeautySelf awareness, the realisation of who, or what you really are, comes to some people with age, but for me, it came at a point in life where I was at my all time low. Seeing my true reflection in the mirror was a long and painful process, there’s no joy in realising that you are someone you don’t really like, but it lead me to the turning point that has allowed me to change for the better.

It is said ‘that we hate in others, what we refuse to see in ourselves’ and I suddenly understood what that meant. Things that annoy us about other people, are sometimes the very things in us that annoy others. Being honest enough with ourselves, to admit our failings or less attractive traits, can be the start of a process of self improvement.

In Nichiren Buddhism we refer to that process as Human…

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