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Iron Man has one thing in common with all of us. He was not bitten by a spider or created by a scientist looking to take over the world. Iron Man was self-made. Before Iron Man, he was a man named Tony Starks. Tony Starks inherited what many believed to be the picture perfect life: money, cars, women and successful company, Stark Enterprises. The problem was Tony Stark lacked self-awareness. His existence was completely emerged in an environment that he inherited. It wasn’t until Tony Stark was faced with great adversity that forced him to see himself outside of the environment that he was so accustomed to living in. From this self-awareness awaking, he rose to the occasion, thus creating the super-hero Iron Man.
My point is that there is a super-hero in all of us. We just have to tap into it. Becoming aware of yourself starts with recognizing the raw strengths that are a part of your make up as a person. One must identify and strengthen raw abilities and respect and understand incapability. It is not until we can do this that we can look into the inner tool box that we all possess and create our own self-made super –hero.

~Preston Byrd