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Have you ever gotten that feeling like someone’s eyes are burning deep in the back of your head but when you turn around no one is there? That is because someone is always watching. It is important to build and protect your self-image. The first step to building your self-image is being self-aware. Know yourself. Demonstrating the ability to recognize self outside of how other individuals view you, good or bad will help lead to enlightment about your personal thoughts, traits and emotions. Self-Awareness of your personal characteristics can improve your ability to positively impact situations, developments and projects that you come in contact with. The goal is not to be self-absorbed but so self-aware that you create purpose for your individual life. When you begin to make yourself your personal focal point, you then begin to understand your purpose and how your purpose will help to impact your world around you. The world is watching so it’s your job to give them something worthwhile to watch. Live to “Positively impact and infect your world around you!”

~Preston Byrd