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Stackdriver really wants to help customers spot and fix issues in their cloud infrastructure before they degenerate into problems and now it’s netted $10 million in Series B funding to help it do so. The Boston-based startup is also launching its Stackdriver Intelligent Monitoring service broadly on Wednesday.

Priorities for this new funding, led by Flybridge Capital, are to ramp up engineering efforts in order to apply still more analytics to solving performance monitoring problems. “Customers are asking us not only to show them what’s wrong but to automate the fixes,” Dan Belcher, co-founder of the company, told me. Existing backer Bain Capital also participated in this round, which brings total funding to about $15 million.

Stackdriver, founded in 2012, already counts Smugmug, 99designs, Vocalocity, Extreme Reach and Chopra Center as customers.

Andrew Shieh, director of operations for Smugmug, loves the big, detailed charts Stackdriver produces and AWS integration which allows…

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