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As we race about life from one appointment to the next important business lunch or crucial networking meeting, doctor’s appointment, mandatory parent-teacher conference or critical client conference call with our iPhones, androids, blackberrys in tow and, for some, our infamous ‘to-do lists”, it’s easy to make a habit of putting things off to a future time or date.

Ironically, we, most especially, put off those things on our “bucket list” that we would love to do. Saving these precious life experiences or events for the “perfect moment” when we will supposedly have less on our iPhone, android or blackberry calendars or analog to-do lists.

We convince ourselves that when the kids go off to college… when we retire…when we get a new car, when our divorce is final or when we turn (you pick the age) that we will check off those things on our proverbial bucket lists.

Well, the ugly truth is that time NEVER comes.

We will always be consumed by many small things that add up to fill our calendars and create big, important engagements we undoubtedly “must” attend, can’t miss and, in turn, keep us from doing what “want” to do.

Every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every year we tell ourselves that we will get to it…tomorrow.

Yet, the same thing happens when tomorrow comes…we will get to it tomorrow and the same thing happens tomorrow, and the next day. There’s always something begging for our attention.

Unless we prioritize period.

In order to do those things “on our bucket lists” – the things we would love to do, we must decide what is REALLY important and MAKE time to do it NOW.

Today, ask yourself, what have I always wanted to do? Why am I putting it off until tomorrow? Why not do it today?

~Preston Byrd