Great post that many of us can relate to…funny! Thanks for sharing! ~Preston Byrd

When it comes to pet peeves most of us could open a zoo.

One of my driving p.p’s are folks who pull out in Deer-Traffic-Sign-X-W11-3front of fast moving traffic and then go slooooooooooooooooooooooooow. It’s one that really makes me nuts, so I try to make sure not to be in the passing lane unless I’m, well, passing.

Last Sunday morning, driving on a beautiful stretch of highway, things on my mind, I was content with driving on the slower side. A truck, with a driver that wasn’t as blissful, came roaring up behind and flew past me and the other right laners.

A few moments later, and a little further down the way, a deer bolted out of the woodlands that hug the sides of the highway nearly missing the speeding truck.  My first thought was, “see what happens when you’re in a rush, a hurry?” Almost as…

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