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Awesome! ~Preston Byrd


The mind is WILD.  Who hasn’t felt like they were sinking to the depths of their judgements and questions- swallowed by emotions, stress, and worries. Who hasn’t had thought after thought impact their brain until the pressure builds and explodes in a variety of styles and colors (see picture above!) With each moment of the human experience unique and unknown, the ups and downs of this erratic roller coaster called LIFE can seem extreme.  Meditation is an effective way to train ourselves in becoming more accepting and open toward the spontaneity of our existance, whether we are experiencing successes or difficulties.  Meditation is awakening, opening the heart and possessing the ability to be with yourself  through all kinds of experiences, just as it is.  With the pervasiveness of the practice and the mass amount of information on how to do it, when to do it, where to…

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