~Preston Byrd


A woman flashed me yesterday! Driving down the road, on my way to a meeting, out of nowhere, she blinked her vehicle’s headlights at me.  I immediately slowed down, heeding her warning, and began to search for the surreptitious police officer. Sure enough, around the next curve, there he sat searching for a law breaker.

I wonder why drivers do this? Is it to save others from the hassle of speeding tickets and other violations? Is it a way to get back at “the man” for busting us at a previous time? Ever think about who you are flashing? Could be someone who can’t afford to pay the fine or having a really bad day. Possibly a serial speeder who needs to learn a lesson, a drunken driver who might need removing from the road. It’s really impossible to know. For most it’s just second nature to try and save people.

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