Great insights…love it! Knowing what to expect colors so much of our life’s experiences…thanks for sharing! ~ Preston Byrd

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It’s really an interesting topic, this idea of creating the future. When you mix goals and expectations…well Shakespeare said it best, “Expectation is the route of all heartache.” But must have  goals to be able to strive for personal greatness. You have to believe they will happen and visualize accomplishing that goal or it will never happen.

How the hell do you balance goals with expectations?

Well, I think I finally figured it out. Reach for the stars. Find your limits, surpass them, then reach for more. Visualize what you want, make a plan to achieve it, and then work that plan. Know that your goal is something you absolutely want because it will be a positive addition to your life. Then…follow through.

But don’t expect for a second that things will be a specific way. Expecting nothing and soak in every single minute you are here on this planet…

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