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This tweet by @iamdiddy caught my attention this morning – “Don’t chase your goals; lead them! It’s time to take control of what you want and not take no for answer. #teamgreatness”
It reminded me of a book I read several years back, Noel M. Tichy’s Control Your Destiny or Someone Else Will.

In this book, Tichy acknowledged Jack Welch as the great business leader of General Electric making this once struggling company one of the world’s most competitive companies.

According to Tichy, Welch defined the benchmark for organizational change at GE, creating more than $400 billion in shareholder value.

Find below some suggestions that Tichy mentioned which allowed Welch to set himself apart:

• He controlled his own destiny.
• He was brave enough to face reality as it was, not as he wanted it to be.
• He was candid with everyone.
• He didn’t ‘manage’, he led.
• He affected change BEFORE he was forced to.

And, Welch, was known to say,
“If you don’t have a competitive advantage, don’t compete.”

According to Tichy, all of the aforementioned characteristics allow you to control your own destiny BEFORE someone else does.

To that end, in your own lives, how are you controlling your own destiny rather than allowing someone to or “leading your goals” rather than chasing them as Diddy says?

~ Preston Byrd