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What do you think? Should President Obama negotiate?

~Preston Byrd

The Lead with Jake Tapper

Republican Congressman Peter Roskam was once a friendly colleague of President Barack Obama’s, back when they served in the state senate of Illinois. Contrary to what the president has been saying publicly, Roskam predicts Obama will come to the negotiating table.

“I think President Obama is going to end up negotiating. I think he’s on an island that will be more and more flooded,” said Roskam. “It’s actually not very Obama-like to say, I’m not going to negotiate.”

As evidence, the chief deputy whip draws on the past two times Obama negotiated on the debt ceiling.

“He may re-characterize, he may redefine, but in the common understanding from two people that know what the word “negotiate” means, he will negotiate,” said Roskam.

Recent CNN polls finds the public overwhelmingly disapproves of House Republicans’ tactic of tying funding the government to defunding, or delaying the president’s health care law, so-called Obamacare.


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