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People wait all week for FRIDAY…all year for SUMMER…all life for HAPPINESS.

– Unknown

If you are like me, an active member of the social media culture, then you know what most of the Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram posts will consist of today.  Yes, you guessed it…that commonly used weekly status update: “TGIF.”

In all honestly, whenever I see it, I cringe a bit thinking, “why are we waiting for Friday to truly LIVE?”

Granted, I’ve had some incredibly tough weeks that warrant the yearning for a break on the weekend. However, those are exceptions and that’s not what I’m referring to. Rather, I am speaking of this “live for the weekend” mentality where we are not living our BEST lives on a daily basis nor are we living in the present moment. Instead, we wait for FRIDAY to truly LIVE…are we saving all of our happiness until Friday arrives?

In my humble opinion, if you are only living for the weekend, this could be a sign that you should examine how you are spending your time and think about the work you are doing or the job you are going to everyday.

Perhaps, your work is not in line with your life’s purpose or passion.  An all-TGIF mentality reflects a  “getting through life” survival tactic, whereas, looking forward to Friday provides a need for “escape” at the end of the week.

For me, it begs the question… are we calculating the HUGE sacrifice (nearly 60-80% of our time) in exchange for a small sliver of pseudo-happiness on “Friday.”

A “Thank God It’s Friday” mentality according to entrepreneur and author Dan Miller portrays a secular work ethic. He argues that our work should be meaningful and an expression of who we are if we are living a Christian lifestyle. Further, he believes that “Work and Play are not opposites, but rather, are at the same end of the spectrum. 
As a serial entrepreneur who believes in “working hard and playing hard” coupled with,  “doing what I love and loving what I do”, I agree with Dan Miller that we were designed by God to work towards incorporating both work and play as a fulfillment of how God created us : with our heart’s desires in mind.
We are, in my opinion, designed to live a fulfilling life of purpose and direction and both our WORK and PLAY should reflect this.

Also, it is my opinion that living for Friday is not an authentic way to truly “LIVE” and enjoy this precious life we have been given.  Also, if we are only living for Friday, we are not maximizing the brief time we have on the earth.  I argue if the TGIF mentality is really LIVING at all?

To that end, how are you spending your time during the week? 

Do you have a TGIF mentality? Or, do you seek to fill ALL OF THE DAYS OF THE WEEK with a TGI(fill in the blank: (M) – Mon.; (T) – Tues.; (W) – Wed.; (T) – Thurs.) mentality?

Please share your personal life’s practice on how you use WORK and PLAY to yield HAPPINESS in your life, regardless of what day of the week it is?

~ Preston Byrd