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Photo Credit: Carsten Witte, fashion photographer.

What you seek is seeking you.
~ Rumi

I absolutely LOVE this quote by Rumi!

First of all, I love it because I consider myself a truth-seeker and this statement is in its purest form – a timeless truth.

Secondly, I love it because it gives HOPE to those who are in the position of desiring, wanting, seeking or pursuing goals, dreams, passions and objectives.

Lastly, I love it because it helps me to remember that my own desires, dreams, and goals are inspired by God, the Source, the Universe or substitute whatever term feels comfortable for you.

I have heard it said another way, “you wouldn’t have had the desire if nature didn’t put it there in the first place.”

To that end, I believe our goals are divinely inspired. You possess those gnawing desires and passions for a reason.

Undoubtedly, there’s a reason you want to write that business book on leadership, take a jewelry design class, pursue your International Business degree, visit The Northern Lights (the Aurora Borealis, polar region), start your online accessory business, attend Deepak’s conference in San Jose‘, California, learn to read, write and speak Spanish fluently, live in Africa for 6 months of the year, learn more about red wine, read Rich Dad/Poor Dad, visit tea rooms in London, publish your poetry, visit the 9/11 memorial, travel to Paris, go to a movie premiere, fall in love, attend a Broadway show, run the Chicago marathon, build schools in India or fill in the blank.

To be clear, when your desires are pure (whether personal or professional) , meaning, from the heart, it is important to listen because these desires, dreams, hopes, passions are like breadcrumbs leading us to our true purpose in life.

So, what do you think is seeking you (personally and professionally)?

~Preston Byrd