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As I prepare for a good night’s rest, the topic of wealth is on my mind. All of a sudden, I hear a small, still voice say: “wealth is a mindset.” This forces me to ponder the thought of wealth in more depth.

It’s interesting to me that people often define wealth strictly based on how much money one makes or the material assets one has.

Clearly, in my mind, wealth goes beyond the concept of money or hard assets.  I, personally, have known many individuals in my lifetime who have lots of money yet have a lack mentality in so many other areas of their lives.

One of my most favorite American poets, Ralph Waldo Emerson, was quoted for saying, “The first wealth is health.”  I concur and it’s my opinion that “true wealth” flows from the abundance of giving, sharing and caring because a surefire way to receive (wealth) is through (selfless) giving.

Asking yourself,  “What can I give?” is a great way to begin possessing a wealthy mindset.  This shift of focus to others, rather than focusing on one’s self can lay a foundation of wealth.

To that end, “what do you have to give?”

How can you begin offering yourself and giving what you have to give to achieve wealth and nurture a healthy, wealthy mindset?

Here’s hoping this gives you all something to ponder as you prepare to rest well and sleep peacefully.

~ Preston Byrd