Great blog post…here’s to keeping an open heart and pushing ourselves to reach our full life’s potential! ~ Preston Byrd

This morning I came across three phrases that gave me pause….




I reflected on why only an open heart is capable of being a receptacle of holy/pure affection. I don’t doubt most hearts are open to affection. Each of us desire, even crave, affection and attention and those who give also long for it in return.

What does it mean to be open to holy/pure affection? To be loved by that which has no need for affection in return? To not love God, to not love wisdom, is not to harm them but ourselves.

Are we capable of loving with no expectation in return? How does being loved by holy affection, pure affection, change us? Why does a relationship with holy/pure affection prepare our minds to receive and cherish truth?


To receive and cherish truth is to be clean. It is to wash away idols, especially the god of self. The…

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