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“My experiences are based on being a premium ‘Business’ user for more than a year. The tag function doesn’t work very well. You can only search on a single tag at a time, which makes it far less useful than being able to filter on matches of more than one tag. Tags aren’t incorporated into Advanced People Search at all. The RSS feed LinkedIn produced of your activity was a firehose with no options for filtering that either. The ‘Executive’ membership level which costs $75 a month doesn’t fix these shortcomings.

Now LinkedIn sends emails every day saying things like so-and-so has a new job, so congratulate them. But it’s all about visiting the site so they can push more ads in front of you. The ‘influencers’ emails they now send out are like so much spam in my mailbox.

In short, LinkedIn doesn’t let the user do any kind of serious data mining or query on their own social network and is becoming more of a distraction with useless email updates, and having the premium levels of membership doesn’t solve the problems. Considering how much time I invest in building my LinkedIn network, and how much wealth that is generating for the company, I should be getting a better return.”

From Forbes article…how are you using LinkedIn in your businesses’ strategy?  Do you agree?

~ Preston Byrd