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“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.”
~ Maya Angelou

What a fantastic quote! Just reading this quote inspires me and invigorates me. Hearing it aloud, challenges something within me…propels me (even) to (go) create something (now)!

Yet, in my crazy, weird, strong, sometimes too business-focused mind, I unwittingly squash the creativity of those who work with and for me by demanding the action and result NOW.

Sometimes my impatience derails a business project and its creative flow and process because I may feel the impact to the bottom-line isn’t being reached fast enough.

Moreover, in a recent personal discovery, I was forced to trust my work team and their artistic process which, ultimately, brought me back full circle to the concept of expressing my creative energy in a productive manner and being patient enough to allow others to create in an environment that is healthy, trusting and empowering.

As parents we are particularly guilty of crushing creativity within our children in some of the following ways: 1) being a “helicopter parent“- much research shows that hovering overhead doesn’t yield the best results and, in many cases, stunts your child’s growth; 2) giving them “constructive criticism” – there is a time and a place for everything and during the creative process is not the right time or place for evaluation and correction; Instead, force yourself to follow the old adage: “If you don’t have anything nice to say, then don’t say anything at all”.; last, but not least, 3) Using comparison or competition to motivate – Just as each of us as adults has our own process toward creativity so do our children. Using this unhealthy tactic almost never inspires and it may permanently handicap creativity within your child.

Creativity is about risk-taking and exploration. Thus, as a father and the boss, I am learning to “get out of the way.”

Rather than worrying about my team “doing it right”; I am forcing myself to trust the process of trial and error.

So, today as I sit in ponder the week on this lazy Sunday, I am challenging myself to create and allow those around me to be creative in their own way.

Since, creativity isn’t used up as they say, I know that it does not begin and end with me, there is enough to go around and when we allow free creative flow, it falls like the rain. First, it sprinkles…then it rains and sometimes it even pours.

May your creative flow pour with intense vigor today.

May your cup (of creative expression, creative exertion, artistic engagement) runneth over! Cheers!!!

~ Preston Byrd