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“What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.” -Brené Brown

Vulnerability is incredibly freeing…with vulnerability, there’s no need to be “perfect” or “always right”, rather, it allows us to just be (overselves)…flaws and all, and that in and of itself is BEAUTIFUL.

The not-so beautiful part is…vulnerability also opens the door to the possibility of being hurt and or feeling pain. Unfortunately, we can never know for certain that when we decide to let our guards down people we let in won’t hurt us, unintentionally or otherwise.

We can be certain; however, that the hurt and pain of isolating ourselves and closing ourselves off to certain life possibilities is far more disappointing, regretful and damaging.  Living this way does not allow us to create or live our best and most beautiful lives.

In full disclosure, I felt tempted to shut down, retreat into myself because of  a recent incident with a friendship that I’ve know for over 10 years.  This situation had come to reveal my vulnerability and made me look (in my perception) ‘less than perfect’ in the eyes of a group of individuals who perhaps once revered me and my abilities.

Just when I started to shut myself off… I remembered the aforementioned quote by Brené Brown:  “What makes you vulnerable makes you beautiful.”  So, instead of isolating myself from this situation or this group of individuals, I chose to acknowledge and address the not-so-pretty situation directly, yet humbly.

All in all, handling this scenario in this way has now given true meaning to the quote I once could only recite.  I can absolutely relate to the beautiful nature that vulnerability brings.  Today, I am feeling beautiful in my vulnerability and I am seeing myself in a way I never have before…simply beautiful!

To that end, have you had a life experience or situation that revealed your vulnerability in a beautiful or no-so-beautiful way?  How did you handle it? What was the outcome?

~ Preston Byrd