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“Truth never attacks.” ~ Danielle LaPorte

Anyone who knows me knows I am always reading.

I read (almost) anything …books, magazines, blogs, the bible, the Quran, e-books, online magazines, newspapers and the list goes on.

Lately, I’ve been reading anything I can find on bestselling Canadian author, Danielle LaPorte who is a motivational speaker, entrepreneur and blogger.

In my summation, her writings are crisp, clear and, in my mind, simple truths.

I resonate with the topics she chooses to write about as some of them are topics I write about as well, namely, entrepreneurship and personal development.

Many original quotes by Danielle LaPorte have had me buzzing or have brought me to thoughtful contemplation, but one simple quote by Danielle LaPorte recently caught my attention based on some of the topics I’ve seen lately in the media, in my business relationships and in my personal life.

The quote that seemed to move me recently was simply: “Truth never attacks.” This small quote speaks volumes.

As a child growing up, I’ve was taught that “truth is not a feeling; truth is not an idea.” The truth is found in the Bible.

This brings me to ask then, why do some of these visible truth-seekers (Christians, Mormons, Muslims, etc.) who supposedly carry “the truth” attack with it?

It goes without saying, “the truth” is important…not just because it is simply true; it is important because truth is what defines whom and what we believe.

Truth is vital. But, it could be said that truth placed on falsities is the same as having no truth at all…do you agree?

I believe “Truth” is only as good as the object in which it is placed upon. For instance, in Danielle LaPorte’s writings: “If she deems something worthy, it’ll happen.” It matters not how many have tried before and failed or how many people will tell her it’s not possible. Danielle responds: “ “That’s their truth, not hers.”

To that end, what is the truth? What is YOUR personal truth? How important is your personal truth in your business life? How impactful is truth if it is seen or felt as attacking? Can YOU handle the truth? And, lastly but not least…what is the truth about the truth, in your own life?

So, let me hear from you, followers —and by all means, be truthful. ;-)

~ Preston Byrd