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For me, there are few other writers, deep thinkers, scholars, mythologists comparable to that of Joseph Campbell. This known intellect has studied many religions, written on several life topics and his quotes have become a staple in most of my daily conversations.

Unquestionably, he has made a HUGE impact on me. Perhaps one of the biggest when I think about the depth and breadth of how his writings have helped guide my life’s journey throughout the years.

Joe Campbell’s notion of FOLLOWING YOUR BLISS was introduced to me during my formative High School years and continued to intrigue me throughout my college years. Thinking on it today, I feel strongly that his words continue to direct my paths in both my professional and personal dealings.

His words have inspired me to make HUGE leaps of faith in business and follow paths untraveled to uncover my deepest dreams.

To follow your bliss, you MUST find YOUR OWN WAY. This can be scary as it involves analysis, introspection and being honest with yourself about where YOUR deepest dreams are taking you.

The world is chock full of individuals that have stopped listening to themselves or have listened only to others’ expectations. These individuals, in my mind, are not truly living, but are simply going through the motions and are at risk of not finding their true life’s purpose or reaching their full potential.

Thanks to my parents, my mentors, Joe Campbell (and the fearless dreamer within), I challenge myself to listen intently to the voice within that nudges and encourages me to DREAM and FOLLOW MY BLISS.

Followers, here’s hoping you enjoyed the video above that speaks to many of Joe Campbell’s ideals and beliefs. To that end, I’d love to hear from each of you as to how you have learned to tune out life’s chaos, listen to your inner voice and follow your bliss (fearlessly)?

~ Preston Byrd