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It’s not difficult to find people in our lives who tell us something is IMpossible.

Moreover, our own personal fears force us to believe this. By believing, we limit ourselves and ultimately limit our lives.

Many of us keep ourselves small, and unknowingly we project these small-minded limitations onto our worlds when, in fact, very few things in life are IMpossible.

It’s amazing how some of us need to feel that something is IMpossible in order to feel secure. Hmmmmmm, the very idea of feeling secure about impossibilities seems like an oxymoron to me?!??

Yet these people keep the “story of IMpossible” alive and well (in their minds and if we let them, in our minds too). They need to believe that if it’s not possible for us, it’s not possible for them either.

However, what happens to these individuals when a courageous soul chooses not to accept this “story of IMpossible?”

For centuries people thought that it was IMpossible for humans to fly. Lucky for us, Orville and Wilbur Wright did not believe in this “story of IMpossible?” We all know, the Wright Brothers constructed and flew the first successful airplane in 1903 at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina.

That reminds me that we all must push the limits of impossibility not just for our own gain but for others who have perhaps fallen for the “story of IMpossible?”

Witnessing the IMpossible makes it nearly IMpossible to believe in the IMpossible , doesn’t it?

To that end, what impossibility will you prove to be IMpossible today?

~ Preston Byrd