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“Let yourself be silently drawn by the strange pull of what you really love. It will not lead you astray.”
– Rumi

How ironic is it that this Rumi quote about being “silently drawn” speaks “loud and clear” to my heart, resonates boldly with my soul and rings aloud to remind my spirit that anything is possible.

As an avid meditator, I am intimately familiar with the benefits of being silent. For me, being still or quiet opens the door to much wisdom and truth.

Moreover, when I choose to be silent, my intuition reacts with great zeal and vigor that doors just seem to open in my favor. This is true with both my personal and professional endeavors.

It’s not exactly strange to me, but some may deem it strange because it is as if my intuition had been waiting for me to just ‘shut my mouth’ in order to guide me where I yearned to go from the very beginning.

No question, when I choose silence…my intuition gives me what I need to know and ultimately, draws me to what I authentically, love.

Have you ever had a gut feeling, heard a still small voice or felt something tugging at your heart strings?

Well, in my experience, these experiences most often take place when I am quiet within and can tune out all the noise and chaos of my daily life.

When I am silent, I often have those “aha moments” and as Rumi states am “silently drawn” to my true love, my purest passions and what is right for me in the long run.

When I am silent, I have no reservations about listening to my intuition.

How about you…?

Are you being silently drawn to what you love?
Are you doing what you love?
Are you listening to your heart?
Are you following your bliss?
Are you paying attention to the passions that draw your attention?
Are you being still and quiet so you can hear from your first and true love?

I want to hear from you.

How do your silent moments bring about a path towards passion in your life?

~ Preston Byrd