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“The tallest oak in
the forest was once just
a little nut that held it’s ground.”


As a young boy, I grew up watching my father own and operate his own business.

Through periods of ups and downs, financial successes and struggles, one thing I remember is…my father always maintained his even-keeled demeanor and he always seemed to make a way and provide for our family.

Unquestionably, my father was a very determined man who insisted his sons see their potential and that they never let circumstances shake their grounding.

If nothing else, his attitude taught me to “hold my ground” in times of uncertainty.

Today, as an entrepreneur, I always seem to reflect on the great example my father gave to stand my ground or refuse to give in or give up even when times get tough.

I am grateful that I had a great role model because it certainly makes “holding my ground” easier since I have seen my father’s unwavering determination when he could have just ‘lost it!”

I’d love to hear from each of you, what helps you stand your ground when times get tough in your personal and/or professional life?

~ Preston Byrd