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Life is too complicated not to be orderly. – Martha Stewart

Spring cleaning is not only important for homes and yards, but also businesses. Springtime is an excellent reminder to get things in order.

In it’s simplest terms of aesthetics, de-cluttering a messy office not only yields a sense of order that is necessary to propel you forward; it also provides a sense of accomplishment.

From an operational standpoint, small business owners can clean up their books from the year prior, store receipts, tax returns and other important documents electronically, and close out old inventory to welcome the arrival of warm weather.

Furthermore, When was the last time you took an inventory of your business practices to root out bad habits?

Spring cleaning in business may not be an annual event, but each spring can serve as a friendly reminder to look for ways to make your business, however large or small, more effective.

Today, I am celebrating spring in my business by taking an online training course…sharpen my tools.
There is no bad time to review and sharpen your skills. Personally, I use spring as a time to not only take inventory of my skills, but I also look at the skills, knowledge and abilities of my team. This may be the perfect time for you or your team to learn something new about your business with a goal to improve work efficiency that will benefit you all year through.

So, what will you do today to de-clutter your business so that you can access the power needed to
achieve more happiness and more success?

~ Preston Byrd