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Changing Your Perspective…Changes Your Experience. ~ Unknown

It has often been said that through our journeys in life we all share common experiences yet we have our own perspectives on those experiences.

The Secret along with other law of attraction philosophies have helped many of us discover that the way we think can make a direct impact on our lives.

As an entrepreneur, I work with many different people who have and voice many different perspectives (on life, on love…on work…on pretty much everything!)

I learned early on in my career that it is vitally important to stand strong in my viewpoints while also being able to see something through the eyes of someone else so that I can remain open to the possibilities. Admittedly, for my Type A personality, this takes practice.

I try and remind myself something that was drilled into me by my father, “if you view yourself as having learned all there is to learn in life, it may hinder you from new opportunities.” Moreover, I have learned that being agile in my perspectives helps me accomplish a myriad of personal and professional goals and dreams that life presents to me. I am of the belief that I must remain open to ensure I see endless possibilities that life presents.

Therein, changing your perspective is not a weakness but rather it is a very valuable tool for gaining a better understanding and avoiding personal biases or viewpoints.

Have you ever experienced looking at a room from different positions? Undoubtedly, if you look at a room from different angles or positions, you will see different things. Some things that were hidden in one view become visible in another.

All in all, in changing your perspective, you many find that many doors of opportunity will be opened for you, allowing you to fulfill your purpose in life to its fullest.

I’d love to hear from each of you…When was the last time you were strong in your positioning, but realized that changing your perspective offered possibilities that you would not have realized if you would have stood firm in your perspective?

~ Preston Byrd