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Remember the phrase, “Don’t sweat the small stuff?” This quote is one that has been passed down for generations and growing up I use to live my life by this quote. Why sweat the small stuff? It’s only the big stuff that matters! Right? …Wrong! As I began to mature in business I realized that it was actually all of the small stuff that really mattered.

Instead of only focusing on the final goal, it is imperative to set benchmarks that leads to achieving the ultimate goal, (all the small stuff). Paying attention to the details is very important when building a successful business so that things that are relative are not missed. Paying attention to the details is as simple as recognizing that small adjustment to your presentation, or making that follow-up call to say thanks for the opportunity. These are the kinds of attention to detail that will set you apart from your competitors.

Imagine having a bike with no pedals. Small it my seem but without the pedals, the bike becomes just a frame with wheels. Something as small as the pedals missing on the bike has a huge impact on your ability to produce forward movement.

This same concept is relevant in business. Attentiveness to the small benchmarks in business in return will produce the kind of results needed to help you reach your final goal. So next time, remember to slow down and give the small stuff the attention it deserves.

~Preston Byrd