About Preston Byrd

Byrd copyPreston Byrd is a ground-breaking philanthropist, motivational speaker, life coach, entrepreneur and real estate developer offering a different perspective on how to approach business and be successful. Preston Byrd, known as “PByrd” is a socially conscious businessman who cares about the world and how he can positively impact it. Over the past 20 years, PByrd has had the opportunity to create flourishing new businesses from the ground up. PByrd’s experience as a Real Estate developer through his continuous growing company, Horizon Companies and his experience in stewardship over many multi-million dollar companies, has in return given him the ability to view and document the process of success in real estate, business strategy, the keys to successful entrepreneurship, and community development.

Currently, Preston Byrd continues to give back to the community through his non-profit program, “Operation Help.” Operation Help enriches the community by supporting education for youth. Operation Help achieves this through, “a reach one, teach one” perspective by helping local schools through philanthropy. Each year Operation Help touches several schools by providing them with grants for programs that will aid in the children’s long-term success.

Preston, continues to stay socially involved and innovative through his political platform, “YPolitic” established in June of 2011. The YPolitic platform allows everyday citizens to become active and easily engaged in the political process. With interactive features like: political news, blogs, campaign updates, politician bios, and the ability to personally interact with local and national politicians, YPolitic is climbing the social media ladder for becoming the number one choice for American voters to stay knowledgeable and involved in the political process.

Stay tuned as Preston Byrd keeps you informed on the latest business trends and strategies and self confidence tips that will help you reach your full potential.

4 thoughts on “About Preston Byrd”

  1. Byrd Preston said:

    Hello Preston Byrd. My name is Byrd Preston. (no kidding) I just had to say hello. Looks like you are doing the name a good service!

  2. Shannon Bell said:

    Hi Preston, This is Mr. Shannon Bell (Overton High). Just happened to come across this website. You are doing a good job!

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