I Don’t Rent, I Rent


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An excerpt; “After working incredibly hard and putting everything that I had into building companies for over 20 years, I woke up one morning and found myself at my absolute lowest possible point in my life – in prison. My head was still spinning and it was very difficult for me to accept that this was actually happening. Although I was still fighting, what I believed to be unfair justice and still do, through the appellant process, I was very worried about my family and the impact that this experience would have on them….

As a child growing up, I always believed in the American Dream. You work hard and give it your all and you can accomplish anything. My parents instilled this belief in me at a young age, and it was reinforced throughout my school days and on into my early adult life. My solution to any problem was to work that much harder and spend that much more energy on it until, “Presto!” I found a way to work it out. I brought this formula to my first business and with it and the American Dream in mind; I started my first company in 1995 with about $200 and a lot of heart and the expectation of long, hard work. The company was a staffing firm that placed medical professionals inside of hospitals, clinics and doctor’s offices. I grew that company into a million dollar operation and in 2001, I sold it.

I was on my way.”

Its a quick read, only 50 pages. Would love to hear your feedback.

I Don't Rent, I Rent-cover

~Preston Byrd